Check out my YouTube Series 
Courtney Chambers: Chronicles
I'm playing through my entire catalog and
telling the stories behind the music. <3

Check out my YouTube Series Courtney Chambers: Chronicles I'm playing through my entire catalog and telling the stories behind the music. <3

What's Going on~

Blogmas Dec 1st. 

Hello all!

We are on the home stretch of 2020 and thought I would like to document some quarantine thoughts and activities this final month. I know 2021 won't be some magical page turner and the world will go back to its regular flow.  Hopefully, we all come out of this a little wiser and kinder. Everything is going back into shut down mode and I'm holding on to my sanity and hope with all I have, Music.

This week, the game plan is to finish up "Run, Girl" tracking and send off for mixing. Artwork is in the beginning stages and I'm still zeroing in on visual aspects of this release.  I've been taken by film lately and wondering how I can integrate that into the whole story of this song. This song is pretty special as its the song that broke my Songwriting dry spell and the first song I will have engineered and produced myself with the guidance of my brother, mentor and producer Sean Hoffman.  Its been a very challenging but amazing ride learning this new craft.

Hope you all find your inspiration today! As always, thank you all so much for your continued support!





ANOTHER Update on New Music 

I have to apologize, but the new single "Run, Girl" has to be postponed into the new year, we are working through some production problems but will keep you updated! Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me this art.  You are incredibly appreciated and I want to put out material that is excellent and sometimes that takes more time than I think it will.  Love you guys! 





Hey everyone!

I'm excited to announce that I will be releasing my next single "Run, Girl" on Nov. 1st.  I'm very proud of this, as it will be the first song I have recorded myself, a new endeavor I have embarked on especially since the pandemic hit and I have no gigs, and a lot more time on my hands.  "Run, Girl" will be available on all streaming platforms! I'll be posting behind the music videos on my patreon page.

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Interview for Desert Sands Education on KESQ 

Hey all!

Had an amazing time hanging with Sean Webb and his student film crew talking about the importance of music in education.  I get so excited talking about the impact of music on the soul.  Thank you so much for having me! 




Hey everyone,

Just wanted to post a blog to say hello and hope you are all staying safe.  I know these days are very strange and challenging.  I encourage you to meditate, play/listen to music, talk with friends, do things you find to be worthwhile and that feeds your soul.  I hope we come out of this changed and for the better.  I'll be doing more live shows on fb and I've started a Patreon page, where I'll be uploading there as well.  My other project Courtney Chambers: Chronicles on Youtube is up as well! I'm a little behind, but 12 episodes in. I should be uploading the next episode tonight.

I'll see you all soon at a show near you.



Crazy Times 

Hey All!

I hope this post finds you all healthy and safe.  There are no words for what is going on right now and I know we are all doing what we can to stay positive yet informed.  Due to the virus, all of my live shows have been cancelled til further notice.  The Belinda Carlisle Tour has been rescheduled to August and September.  Really hoping we are in the clear by then.  In the meantime, I will be doing live streams as well as continuing my YouTube Series Courtney Chambers: Chronicles. Go check it out, there are new episodes and I'm really having fun doing this project. I'll be leaving the latest installment in The Lounge here on my site for your listening convenience.   I've been behind, now I have plenty of time to get caught up! I'm working on the next studio record as well.  I hope we come out on the other side of this better human beings.  Can't wait to see your beautiful faces in person again!

In the interim, I'll be seeing you on the inter webs! 



Courtney Chambers: Chronicles - On YouTube 

Hey everyone! 

Sorry its been a hot minute since I've blogged here.  I'm doing a really fun YouTube Series this year called Chronicles.  I'll be performing my entire catalog beginning to end and sharing the story and history behind each song. Some performances I will have some special guests accompanying me.   I'll be posting each new video here on my official site in The Lounge, but please go to my Youtube Channel and Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe.  



Thank you all for joining me in this journey!



KCOD Mini Documentary 

I am thrilled and honored to be able to take part in the Intro To Film Class at College of The Desert (COD). Their very talented instructor Toni Bakal is having her class do 5 mini documentaries  of local female musicians and I get to be one of them!  COD's Student Film Festival will be showcasing the Doc on May 19th in Palm Springs and then KCOD will be airing on their website and social media pages.  I am a bit of a music documentary fiend, so to be able to tell my story on this medium is extra special to me.  The team that handled my doc were incredible! Looking forward to the debut!



I've been nominated in 4 categories this year for the 2019 Coachella Valley Music Awards


You can vote here til June 2nd



Best Female Vocalist

Best Singer/Songwriter

Best Folk/Americana

Best Country Band - Jasmine Fields





I do interviews from time to time and I am always asked the same question: Who are you influenced by? An incredibly great question, however, I always feel like I never answer it correctly.  I seem to pick 1-3 artists or bands and come to a loss for words.  After every interview I can think of so many band and artists that have absolutely shaped me and could not possibly recognize them all in one sitting.  This blog is all about that.  I wanted to publicly document, praise and thank the following artists and bands that have been brave and excellent and have been a part of my development.  This may take awhile ;) 



The Beatles

Brian Wilson


Michael Jackson

Cyndi Lauper


Dolly Parton

Depeche Mode


Glass Tiger

Phil Collins

Pat Benatar

The Go Go's

Belinda Carlisle

The Everly Brothers

New Order


Aretha Franklin

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Frederic Chopin

Claude Debussy

Patty Griffin

Sarah McLachlan


I am tired...to be continued;)



10,000 Maniacs


Skid Row

Guns n Roses






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Carlisle at The Carlyle

 —  —

The Carlyle Hotel, NYC, NY

I have the incredible honor of playing guitar for the legendary Belinda Carlisle. This show we will play songs spanning her illustrious career as she tells her beautiful story.


Member's Bon Voyage Party Featuring Honey Siren

 —  —

Monterey Country Club, Palm Desert, CA

Honey Siren blends Country and Classic Rock featuring Courtney Chamber and Vinny Berry on Vocals, Calvin Williams on Guitar, Bob Hamilton on bass and Mel Flores on drums! <3 Hire us for your event!<3