Blogmas Dec 1st.

Hello all!

We are on the home stretch of 2020 and thought I would like to document some quarantine thoughts and activities this final month. I know 2021 won't be some magical page turner and the world will go back to its regular flow.  Hopefully, we all come out of this a little wiser and kinder. Everything is going back into shut down mode and I'm holding on to my sanity and hope with all I have, Music.

This week, the game plan is to finish up "Run, Girl" tracking and send off for mixing. Artwork is in the beginning stages and I'm still zeroing in on visual aspects of this release.  I've been taken by film lately and wondering how I can integrate that into the whole story of this song. This song is pretty special as its the song that broke my Songwriting dry spell and the first song I will have engineered and produced myself with the guidance of my brother, mentor and producer Sean Hoffman.  Its been a very challenging but amazing ride learning this new craft.

Hope you all find your inspiration today! As always, thank you all so much for your continued support!